Direct by Owner Real Estate Solutions in Lakeland Minnesota

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Lakeland is one of the most beautiful small cities in Minnesota. It is located approximately fifteen miles east of St. Paul in Washington County. Friendly people and quiet neighborhoods provide Lakeland residents with comfortable suburban living in a community-oriented area. Its proximity to the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul give residents easy access to fine dining and excellent shopping experiences. Most of the homes in the area are owner-occupied and well maintained with beautifully landscaped lawns.

The Lakeland area children are served by the Stillwater Area Public Schools. This district is known for its commitment to excellence in education. Stillwater ISD is rated among the top districts in the state and is the site of Minnesota's first schoolhouse. It continues its long tradition of offering quality educational services for students at all levels.

The real estate industry in modern society strives to meet the demands of knowledgeable consumers who expect better services than in the past. Many homeowners want to be able to excise more control over their real estate holdings by taking charge of the selling process. The industry is evolving to meet the needs of sellers whose expectations break traditional barriers. Sellers now have multiple options for deciding how to market and sell their own homes. This relatively new trend is rapidly changing the way sellers view the real estate services market.

Direct by Owner offers works with sellers to achieve the same common objective of selling their homes as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Many homeowners prefer to pick and choose services offered by brokers. Flat fee real estate services allow the seller to enter into an "a la carte" service agreement with a broker who agrees to accept a flat fee instead of a commission based on the sales price. The flat fee MLS service provides sellers with the option of choosing exactly which professional services they wish to use.

Flat fee real estate services eliminate many problems associated with the traditional practice of having to pay a percentage of the sales price to the broker, which is usually six percent. The flat fee alternative results in substantial savings for the seller at closing. Direct by Owner allows sellers to take advantage of the expertise of professional realtors without requiring them to use certain services. Sellers in this area who use this non-traditional option will experience access to more potential buyers, which increases their chances of a quicker and less costly sale.

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